Friday, July 31, 2009

The Magic of compounding with REITS

In my previous posts which is in January 4,where the market is irrationally pessimistic, I encourage my readers to be invested in Singapore REITS as the prices of these shares are very cheap. If investors who have bought REITS in between the period January and February will have make a decent gain. Going forward, i will still stick with my strategy as mention in my previous posts but will a little alteration. This time I will be investing in REITS using the money that i have collected from my past holding of reits. There will be no capital injection into my investment for now as my resources are drying. As mention in my previous posts, the two REITS that I have recommended made some money for me.I will continue to make more purchase if i will that the price is reasonable. Others REITS that i am looking now is Capitalcommercial,starhill and capitalmall. Feel Free to comment about my investing strategy and click the advertisment by nuffnang to show support for this blog. Thanks