Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reflection of 2009

2009 year was a great year for my investment portfolio. I have recover my 2008 losses and earn a tidy profit in the year 2009. Some of my proudest stock pick in last year include keppeland,FSLtrust and suntecreit. I have thrown every penny i have into the stock market as i deem many stocks are trading at a ridiculous low price. It is only a pity that i do not have extra money to invest in. If not, i will be even a step closer in acheiving my lifelong goal. This also higlight an important lesson which is to always to maintain a certain level of money with you to capitalise on once in a life time opportunity.

2009 was a year when many people become fearful. There was much uncertainty about the economy and many people was fearful that they will lose their jobs. I too was also very worried about my investment portfolio which at that time was suffering from quite a big loss. But being a great fan of Warren Buffett, i turn to his words for advice. He famously mention time after time in TV interviews asking investors to be greedy when others were fearful and fearful when others were greedy. That was when i realise that i have to be greedy and buy in stocks even though there is so much uncertainty in the investing world. After my buy in, the stock market shoot up in the second half of the year which i did not see it coming. I thought there was still some time where i can accumulate undervalue stock. Nevertherless, i was greatful to have accumulate some good stock at that period of time.

Buffett's advice has once again proven to be so true and relevant in today investing world. if i have taken some advice from the so called financial experts, the result would be very much different.Ironically, my portfolio size has grown considerably till now since the onset of the financial crisis. I hope that it will still continue to grown bigger in this year and i am smart enough to spot and buy good companies at great price. There is still a long way of achieving my primary goal of retiring at 40 but i will continue to works towards in acheiving it. I am still waiting for my next breakthrough for my investment portfolio which is to include real property in it. Let hope that that day will not be far away.

Looking ahead in the year 2010, there are still many uncertainties but what is certain is that i will hold Buffett advice dearly in my heart.