Monday, August 27, 2007

InvestFair 07

This year Invest Fair 07 organized by Shareinvestor saw many retail and professional investors participating. The crowd participating was over whelming and seminar rooms were packed with eager investors waiting what the experts have to say. As like I would like to stay longer, I had only time to go for 3 seminars.

The first seminar I went is by Christopher Lee who is the co-founder of ShareInvestor. In his seminar, he mentioned about what are the different ways to generate incomes in order to achieve financial freedom. Through his own personal experience, he found out the best way to achieve financial freedom is by investing. He is more of a fundamental investor that a technical practitioner but occasionally he will do some trading. He went on to explain on how he choose stock that is fundamentally sound. Basically he uses PE and NAV to choose stock that are undervalue.

The second seminar that I went was by Song Seng Wun, regional economist- Head research of CIMB. He stated that the macro economic environment of Singapore is still relatively intact despite the Sub prime mortgage risk in US. Economic indicators suggested that the global economy is still growing especially China and India.
He advice investors to dump away penny stocks as prices have reached unsustainable level due to speculation of investors and the stock market Bull Run. Instead, buy on shares that are undervalue and has high yield. Shipping and construction shares are a great buy as he sees great potential in both of the industries

Ray Barros was the speaker for the third seminar. He touch on the topic on how to trade effectively and make money. He briefly introduce us the RSI and teaches us how to use the RSI to see whether the market is going up, down or sideway.

All in all, I have learn a lot of stuffs in the InvestFair. I was being introduce to other new investment instruments beside stocks and warrants.


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