Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuan Sing- A good defensive stock to buy in these times of uncertainty

Tuan Sing
Sept 25 2007 close : $0.375

Tuan Sing share price surge 17.2% from $0.32 to $0.375 on report in a business times article that it has a lot of upside potential. What so interesting about this share is that investors failed to notice that Tuan Sing has 3 commercial properties right at the heart of the commercial district. Valuation of these 3 properties done last year is worth 154 millions. However, property prices has increased significantly this year and Tuan Sing 3 commercial properties could be well worth over 154 millions. Stock price for Tuan Sing will definitely move to a higher region when it shed more light on the revaluation of its 3 properties.
I will reccomend a buy as I feel that it is still undervalued based on its current stock price.


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