Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trading Strategy for 2009

Happy New Year to all my reader(if there is still any)It has been a while since my last post.
2008 has been a turbulence year for investors. Many have suffer financial losses and I am no exemption. In the year 2009, my focus will be on REITs which have been battered badly. Many of the REITs have reach below IPO price. I do not see any upside for REITs for the short term as prices of property and rent will continue to fall. However, when the financial crisis is over and the economy start to pick up, share price of REITs will go up. Another factor that will push the share price of REITs up is inflation. We have not seen the last of raging oil prices, and when the economy pick up oil prices might be higher than the previous pick. Therefore REITs will provide a hedge against inflation. The problem now is that we do not know when that will happen.

Some of the Reits that i have been buying

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